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Monitors offer


Dear Mr. Yoshida,
(Salutation(あいさつ):Dear Mr./Ms.○○はフォーマルな言い回しにも使えます。)


I’m writing to enquire about the monitors you informed us of last month (April).
(Opening sentence(書き出し):メールを書いた理由をまず述べます。)

Please could you send us a brochure and price list?

We would also appreciate a visit from your rep in order to get more information about the products. Could you ask one of them to contact us, please?


Looking forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely
(Close(おわりのあいさつ):Yours sincerely はとてもフォーマルな言い回しで、たまにメールでも使われます。)


James Burke
Purchasing Assistant



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